The 3 Tiers of RTI


Here are the infamous 3 tiers of RTI! As you can see, Tier 1 is simply effective core instruction that includes differentiated lessons to meet the needs of your students. Students whose response to this instruction shows their needs are not being met will move to Tier 2 with a more targeted approach to their learning. This also would include a smaller group setting with greater intensity. You may still have students whose response to the intervention shows the need for even more intensive instruction which would be one-on-one instruction with possible supports from Special Needs personnel or the team in your school who offers supports for students to prevent classification.

The most important thing to keep in mind for Tier 2 or 3 is these interventions must take place in addition to the core instruction. It should not replace the core instruction. This is critical when attempting to accelerate student learning.

From this point on, I will share procedures and strategies you can easily incorporate in order to address each Tier of RTI. We will start with strategies for your Tier 1 instruction for all students in your class.

Are you excited yet?? I am!



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