Making the Greatest Impact on Literacy Instructon

Classrooms today are full of students of the same age, in the same grade, but miles apart in their ability levels.  How do you reach them all??

The RTI answer is to move from teaching ALL of them to teaching EACH of them.  Your next question, so how am I supposed to do that??

Let’s examine one way to meet the needs of each student …through the gradual release of responsibility.


As you can see, there are 4 stages in this process…

  1. Teacher models a skill/strategy…students listen only “I do”
  2. Teacher modeling WITH students assisting “We do”
  3. Students practice the skill/strategy with partners or groups “You do together”
  4. Students practice during independent application  “You do alone”

This scaffolded transfer of responsibility allows us to…

give students supports that they can hold on to as they take the lead – not just push them into the  path and hope they find their way.

This quote and the model presented above were taken from the book…Better Learning Through Structured Teaching by Fisher & Frey (2008) which I must say should be an addition to your library and for that reason I am adding it to our Book Club!


View the Table of Contents and read portions of each chapter by clicking the link below.




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