Make the Most of Modeling!

Modeling can be a beneficial part of your instruction-whole group, small group, or one-on-one. So how do you ensure that it is? By SHOWING more that TELLING!

Sounds obvious, but many times modeling turns into simply telling. Don’t make this mistake! Make sure your modeling lesson includes the 6 Ws…and 1 H. ūüėä

  • What¬†are you demonstrating? ¬†Explain the skill or strategy.
  • Why¬†is it important to know? ¬†Make sure they understand the purpose of the skill or strategy.
  • When would it be used? ¬†Give examples and non-examples, if applicable.
  • Where¬†can students connect this new learning to their prior learning?
  • How¬†to do it? ¬†Demonstrate with examples while thinking aloud.
  • Watch¬†out for common mistakes. Explain or show what to avoid when using the strategy or skill.

Incorporating all of these components into your modeling lessons gives students a complete picture of the strategy or skill you are teaching.  Remember, RTI requires high quality instruction all day long!   Making the most of your modeling lessons is one way to make sure that happens!



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