6 Ways to Ensure Quality Literacy Instruction

One of the main requirements of RTI is effective core instruction.  Think about it, if students are not getting effective Tier 1 instruction   more students may qualify for Tier 2 than really need it!   So how do you ensure your reading  instruction is quality?

Richard Allington is an extensive researcher and RTI guru.  In his article, What I’ve learned about Effective Reading Instruction from a Decade of Studying Exemplary Elementary Classroom Teachers  (2002, Phi Delta Kappan), Allington discusses the results of hundreds of classroom observations and interviews with teachers and students.  From this he found common features of  what exemplary literacy instruction looks like.  He summarizes his findings in what he calls  the 6 T’s of Effective Literacy Instruction.Book-Suggestions-from-GoneReading

They are…

  • TIME:  For at least half of the school day, students are actually reading and writing- a 50/50 ratio to other activities.
  • TEXTS:  Students needs a rich supply of books on their independent reading level, citing the motivation for reading was dramatically influenced by reading success.
  • TEACHING:  Active instruction…modeling and demonstration.
  • TALK:  Student  questioning/talk that is purposeful and problem-solving between teacher and students and among students.
  • TASKS:  More substantive and challenging project-based tasks that provide student choice.
  • TESTING:  Student work based more on effort and improvement than simply achievement.  Also, no test preparation!

Want to read the full article?  Click here What I’ve Learned About Effective Reading Instruction





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