RTI Must Haves!!

Response to Intervention is more than a program…it’s a way of teaching and learning that puts the focus on the student.   Some elements that are non-negotiable to breaking down barriers and ensuring free flowing instruction within the 3 tiers.  (What are the 3 tiers?  Check out my RTI Basics button to get an explanation!)

I attended a training with the esteemed RTI author Mary Howard and learned a TON!  Her non-negotiables were discussed there and in her book, RTI From All Sides: What Every Teacher Needs to Know.    Let’s add that to the Book Club!   She used the acronym LEARN to explain these must haves.

L   Link:  Support between the tiers should be interrelated with the other tiers.  Remember, Tier 1 instruction is ALL day, not just during the Literacy Block.

E   Engage:  Make students active participants in their learning.  Remember the phase: What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I DO I UNDERSTAND!

A   Accelerate:  Learning must be intensified…not slowed down…in order to make faster progress.  There should not be 1 wasted second in a day!  Losing just 10 minutes a day by the end of the year adds up to 2 full literacy blocks wasted!  Teach by the clock!!

R   Reinforce:  Make fewer holes- deeper!  Practice and applications of new learning must happen all day long.  Repeated exposures in multiple contexts with reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing are mandatory.

N   Negotiate:    Adjust instruction in the tiers to fit your daily structure.  Being flexible and fluid will make your days less stressful.  

Want to learn more from Mary Howard?  Check out her books!

bookcover_rti bookcover_rti3 bookcover_GtoG



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