For Teacher Appreciation Day…2 GIFTS!!

imagesCAE1CFKAOne of my all time favorite poems by Brod Bagert that reminds us all why we do what we do!

imagesOh, case you haven’t heard Chipotle is offering Buy One Get One Free from 4pm to closing tomight with ID!!  Wait!  Read the poem first!!

She sat on the edge

Of a one-woman king-sized bed

And wondered if she could face another day.

Twenty-seven years in the classroom.


She tried not to think about it.

She tried not to remember her first-year-teacher dreams,

Dreams she had saved

Like the petals from a prom-corsage,


But now her tomorrows

Were heartbeats in a restless sleep

And dreams didn’t matter anymore.


So with a sigh no one else could hear,

She readied pad and pencil

And pressed the play-back button


Brod Bagert


Hello Mrs. Stevenson,

This is Charlie MacWhite.

You probably don’t remember me

But you taught me in the second grade,

I was the kid who still couldn’t read.

Well I was thinking about you last night, I was reading Brown Bear to my

little girl

And it was strange

It was me saying the words…

But I kept on hearing your voice in my head…

All these years

And your voice is still in my head.

Well I hope I didn’t bother you,

But I just called to say you were right,

I did go to college,

And I did just fine,

And I wanted to say thank you…

Thanks for everything.”


She sat on the edge

                Of a one-woman king-sized bed,

                                Put pad and pencil down,

                                                And smiled.

                                                             Twenty-seven years in the classroom..


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