Do-it-Yourself Intervention Action Plan!

One creative way to meet students needs in a creative way is through collaboration with colleagues!  i-love-rti1-1l1uoa4

Think about getting together with your grade level team (or even across grade levels) and carving out a time in your day when you can provide time to target shared needs.

  • Group students by needs across classes.
  • Divide the groups among the certified teachers to do interventions.
  • Let the teacher expertise of those participating determine who would get which groups.  For example, a teacher with strong phonemic and phonological techniques can target those students, while another teacher great at comprehension strategies could work with the students who need those skills.
  • If you have assistants/aids or room mothers, let them have book clubs with your on- or above-level students while you and your certified team focus on the lower achievers.

When could this happen?  Well it needs to be in ADDITION to your literacy block in order to accelerate the growth.

  • Why not do it during your Science/Social Studies time? Common Core standards call for 50% informational text.  This is a perfect opportunity to use your informational books/passages from your science/social studies curriculum during your interventions.  After all, these subject areas should be include Literacy strategies, right?
  • Maybe you could get those students in 15-30 minutes before or after school to do it with parent permission.  After all, what parent would turn down an opportunity for their child to get an extra push??

So how often? Research shows DAILY is the most effective…so 15-20 minutes daily is more effective that 45 minutes 2-3 times a week.

If I am being completely honest, this will be more work for you, but it would be so worth it to see those strugglers gain better footing, right?  Remember RTI requires FLEXIBILITY.  Get creative and make it happen!!



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