10 Techniques to Intensify Instruction!

  1. ani_hahaMaintain high expectations for all students, but adjust the support to accommodate each student.
  2. Increase your think-alouds that make reading strategies explicit.
  3. Check for understanding every 10-15 minutes by soliciting answers beyond yes or no.
  4. Illustrate key points with specific oral and written examples.
  5. Require students to restate or paraphrase learning.
  6. Engage students in conversations that reinforce and apply learning.
  7. Provide many opportunities to practice/apply new learning in various contexts.
  8. Use prompts/cues initially, gradually withdrawing them to promote independence.
  9. Give students ample wait time for reflection before asking them to respond.
  10. Summarize key concepts at the end of every lesson.

Adapted form RTI From All Sides by Mary Howard




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