The most important focus for Guided Reading instruction!

Teach the READER, not the text!!image

During your small group lessons, guided reading will most likely be your plan….there are other options, but we’ll start with guided reading.

The first and most important focus for guided reading is to teach your readers, not the text.   Many leveled  books used for guided reading have lessons and activities all ready for you, and  of course you can use those.  BUT all the information you collect while observing and noting reading behaviors will be essential for guided reading instruction.

Ultimately your goal will be to develop the reading behaviors and strategies of your students to allow them to read and process texts of increasing levels of difficulty.

So don’t get bogged down with the text itself…it is just the vehicle! And just as someone learns to drive, they will need some minimal information about the vehicle…but their driving ability is the focus. With those skills, the driver can drive ANY vehicle. And so it is with reading ability. Focus on building the readers’ toolbox of reading behaviors and strategies…give them the keys….and let them DRIVE!!




4 thoughts on “The most important focus for Guided Reading instruction!

  1. A great post, Janyll! Keep the education flowing. Hope all is well with you.



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