Book Club! Running Record Resources!!

Running records are records of oral reading that inform reading instruction and show changes in reading behaviors over a period of time.  They are mandatory for planning your small groups/guided reading lessons.  For struggling readers, weekly running records will help in targeting areas for intervention.

There are even running record apps now that make the process effortless and also provide a way to record and save students’ oral reading.  Check them out here!

Here are some resources for your professional library on running records…

First up, one from the creator of running records, Marie Clay…who better to learn from than the creator??

41H0DTPVHPL__SY300_Click on the book for purchasing information!

Next up, a book written by a teacher who shares her personal experiences on taking running records and using the information to improve students’ reading

0439077524Click the book for more information!

Lastly, running records aren’t just for elementary grades, here is a resource for using them in grades 5-8

9780325008493_p0_v1_s260x420Click the book for more info!!




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