The Abecedarian: A Free Comprehensive Reading Skills Assessment!

By definition, abecedarian means learning the rudiments of something.  The Abecedarian Reading Assessment is just that.image

The Abecedarian was designed to provide diagnostic information about early reading skills.  Using this assessment information, teachers can maximize their effectiveness by individualizing their instruction to each student’s learning needs.

Created by Dr. Sebastian Wren and Dr. Jennifer Watts, there are 6 subtests including:

  • Letter Knowledge 
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phoneme Awareness
  • Alphabetic Principle
  • Vocabulary
  • Decoding

In this way, you can give the entire test (depending on the grade level)  as a diagnostic assessment, or you can use the subtests as stand alone assessments.  With this information, you are well on your way to provide targeted interventions for your struggling learners!

By the way, studies have shown that upper elementary students who are struggling readers could be missing one small piece of the learning-to-read puzzle in order for them to be successful.  This is a perfect way to locate those gaps in reading instruction!

Get a copy of the assessment by clicking here!

Happy Assessing!



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