Doing What Works: Reading Error Analysis Informs Instruction

From our friends at the Doing What Works website, documenting student errors is a useful tool for planning targeted interventions in your small group/guided reading lessons.

Here is a sample of a Kindergarten error analysis sheet…


As you can see, this information offers immediate data that you can use to correct the specific errors a student is making while reading.

Now, you have several options…

You may choose to group students with similar errors to teach strategies and/or practices for correcting this error. You may just give reminders to the student before they begin reading.  For example, for the student above, a simple reminder like “While you read today, make sure you pay attention to the ending sounds  of each word so you can read them correctly and the sentence will make sense, ok?”  Then, choose a word or two and have the student read the word with special attention to the ending sounds.  For some of the categories, a reference sheet may also be helpful for errors like consonant blends and the silent -e rule.

For a copy of this error analysis strategy with a blank form, click here.

To visit the phenomenal Doing What Works website, click their logo below!




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