Using Fountas & Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervention!

Another school year is well underway, and I have to share how excited I am about the LLI program we are using this year!

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After 3 years of implementing RTI, this is the first year we have used a packaged program.  So how’s it going?  The short answer is GRRRRRREEAT!  Yes, that’s right…Tony the Tiger great!!

Let me just say, my First grade group started in early October on Level B (middle of Kdg level).  This past week, they have just moved into D (end of Kdg/ beginning of Gr. 1 level)!!  Our goal is to have them to F before leaving for Winter Break.  And based on the progress thus far, I have no doubt that it is possible!  We will have moved them about 1 full grade level, and they will be considered as Meeting Expectations for Grade 1.  AMAZING!

We are providing the 30 minutedaily lessons in addition to the teachers’ guided reading lessons in the classroom.   The students are being pulled-out in groups of 3.   We are constantly assessing since every other day the lessons call for a Running Record to be done for one of the students in the group.  This way, we are constantly ensuring their stability in the level.

So can a classroom teacher use the program?  Of course!  Just remember that the lessons need to be done daily and should not replace your guided reading.  This program provides an extra dose of reading, writing and phonics/word work instruction.  So if you can figure a way to get the 30 minutes in, I say go for it!

I will keep you posted on how things going throughout the year!

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2 thoughts on “Using Fountas & Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervention!

  1. Wow! That is an awesome amount of growth! I know you & their parents are so excited about this accomplishment! Can’t wait to hear more!


    • Yes indeed! The truth is I don’t think I would ever have thought it could happen this fast. But this I know is true…raise the bar, and they will reach it!! Thanks for your interest and support!! J.


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