“How do I know they’re getting it??” Quick & Easy Checks for Understandings!

Great teachers use a wide variety of assessment systems to know whether or not their instructional methods and procedures are working (Fisher   & Frey, 2007). Long gone are the days where we could say “I taught that”.

If they haven’t LEARNED it, you haven’t TAUGHT it! 

One type of informal  assessment is to check for understanding. Various ways to check for understanding provides teachers with important information to ensure that students are “getting it”.  The more you do this, the more your students will become aware of how to monitor their own understanding, which is vital in them becoming life-long learners.

It has been said that teachers need to informally check for students’ understanding every 10 minutes.  What does that look like??  Below I have complied some awesome ideas that can be used during whole group, small group, or independent time to help you do it…



Happy Checking!!!


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