Blog for book suggestions made FOR students BY students!!! Love this!!

What is My Next Book?  Bloguntitledrobot

Great site where students can go to tell a little about what kind of reader they are and what kinds of books they like, and then get suggestions from Ms. Scheele’s 5th graders on what they should read next.  The site even allows for visitors to also respond with suggestions to letters sent requesting good reads.  Although these students are in the 5th grade, students from all grade levels can use the site.  The class will conduct research to find the next great book for anyone!  This is a WINNER!!

Click here to visit the site!

Here is a sample from the site…

Dear Next Great Book,
I like fantasy books a lot.  I am really into the Sister’s Grimm series.  I am hoping that you will help me find a really good book.  Thank you 🙂
Fantasy Lover
Dear Fantasy Lover,
We really think that you will like The Grimm Legacy.  It is so good!  It is fantasy, mystery and it is about magic objects and The Grimm brothers.  We think it would be right up your alley.  It is at the book fair now!
We also think you might like Peter Nimble.  We think it is a good book and it is filled you adventure and fantasy.  Everyone who has read it has LOVED it!
Lastly, you might want to try Bigger Than a Bread Box.  We have LOVED it and many of us have not been able to put it down.  It is a story of a girl growing up and dealing with some tricky issues and it is FILLED WITH MAGIC!
Next Great Book
What a great idea to get students excited about reading!  Then, why not start your own suggestion sharing in the classroom??  Check this one out…
Enjoy, J.

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