Seven Principles of Mastery Teaching

Have you ever asked yourself what are some characteristics of a master teacher?


This is not a question with an easy answer, and many teachers who have reached this level may not even be able to express the characteristics themselves. Being a master teacher is not about specific actions, rather it is a MINDSET. This mindset can be developed over time and will ultimately drive your decisions in the classroom.

Dr. Robyn Jackson has completed a wealth of resources for teachers to assist in Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching, which includes several books that share insight into this theme. In her book, How to Support Struggling Students, Dr. Jackson lays out specific strategies teachers can use to develop their mastery teacher mindset while providing appropriate support for struggling students.

She has defined the 7 principles of mastery teaching as:

1. Start where your students are
2. Know where your students are going
3. Expect to get your students to their goal
4. Support your students along the way
6. Use feedback to help you and your students get better
6. Focus on quality rather than quantity
7. Never work harder than your students

Hmmm…let that marinate, and maybe reflect on your response to each of them.


This book is just the first in a number of Dr. Jackson’s books that I will be using as a resource to share strategies and techniques that can help you asses yourself and your progression to master status.

To be continued….


2 thoughts on “Seven Principles of Mastery Teaching

  1. JT!
    You continually find ways to put fire under us. Very inspiring blog!


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