Story for International Women’s Day: The House that Jane Built

The House that JAne Built

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Here’s a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month!  Show the video of actress Kierman Shipka read the story The House that Jane Built by Tanya Lee Stone.  

This is a true account of Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, who transformed a poor neighborhood in Chicago by opening up her home as a community center.


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Teacher’s Guide

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Family Activity Guide


DIY with RTI Book Club!

A must read!

A must read!

This book, What Really Matters in Response to Intervention by Richard Allington was my introduction to RTI. It’s an easy read but is packed with everything you need to know about RTI and how to implement it to help struggling students.

Here are a few of my “Aha!” Moments from the book…

Struggling readers need high quality lessons all day long if they are to ever catch up with their peers.

Good teaching, effective teaching, is adaptive teaching. It is adapting the standard lesson in ways that make it fit the reader (or readers) in front of you.

Remember, intervention has to be something that happens all day long.

Much of the information in Allington’s book is directed towards the classroom teacher. That’s why I believe this had to be my first entry into the Book Club! I love to read and learn to improve my craft so I will offer many readings for varying topics.

If you have a book you think belongs in the Book Club, leave a comment and let me know!